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Pancake toppings - alternatives for pancake day

Pancake toppings - alternatives for pancake day

Pancake Day is here but it’s important to be aware of the serious damage sweet pancake toppings can do to your oral health.

Here’s some alternative pancake toppings suggestions so you can enjoy Pancake Day with peace of mind:

  • Swap lemon and sugar for fresh fruit and cinnamon – this will reduce the insulin spike from the sugar and reduce the acid attack from the lemon
  • Honey and syrup contain high amounts of sugar – swap them for a natural protein-packed peanut butter
  • Swap Nutella for raw cacao or chocolate spreads containing less sugar – Nutella contains 8.3g of sugar per portion
  • Swapping ice cream for a natural Greek yoghurt could more than half the sugar consumption.

Having optimum oral health is important not just for your teeth and gums but also for the rest of your body. Medical research has already discovered links between oral health and several diseases that affect the rest of the body.

Our Dental Hygienist, can prescribe the best treatment for your optimum oral health, after reviewing your teeth and gums in the clinic.

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