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Affordable composite bonding at New Life Teeth

Transforming your smile in an instant


Cost of composite dental bonding


per tooth

per month

60 months, @ 14.9% APR and with £120 deposit (based on 3 teeth)

per month

12 months, interest free with £120 deposit (based on 3 teeth)

Benefits of composite dental bonding

  • Ideal for stubborn tooth staining, unevenly spaced or shaped teeth or chipped teeth

  • Delivers dramatic results fast

  • Affordable, non-invasive cosmetic dental treatment

  • Completed in as little as one appointment

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Composite bonding – A quick smile makeover

Composite bonding is an affordable and speedy way of giving your smile the overhaul it needs.

Fashioned from tooth coloured dental resin  - the same material that makes up white tooth fillings – our highly skilled team apply it to the front surface of your teeth to cover a multitude of dental imperfections.  

In addition to covering over heavy ingrained staining – the type that can’t be lifted with professional teeth whitening - composite bonding can also be used to close up unevenly spaced teeth, protect chipped teeth or teeth with damaged enamel or change the shape and size of teeth where necessary.

The result is an instant non-invasive smile makeover that can make a real difference to a person’s confidence and quality of life.

How does composite bonding work?

Composite bonding is a simple process that can deliver dramatic results.

Firstly, our highly skilled cosmetic dentists will talk with you to determine where your problem areas are. Then they will look at ways to help you reach your aesthetic smile goals including the creation of a personalised treatment plan together with the overall cost of your dental veneers treatment. If you are happy, we will book you in for your composite bonding appointment.

When you begin treatment, a conditioning gel is gently applied to the surface of the teeth. This creates a microscopic rough surface over the teeth to enable bonding to take place.

Next, our cosmetic dentist will carefully layer the tooth-coloured bonding material over the tooth or teeth. This will be colour-matched exactly to existing teeth to ensure a seamless transition. Once all imperfections have been covered, a curing light is applied to harden the material.

Once fully set, the area will be polished and buffed so that it looks just like your natural teeth.

The result is a dramatic smile transformation in just one comfortable visit.

What makes composite bonding at New Life Teeth affordable?

Composite bonding can also be used to cover the entire front surface of the tooth and is known as composite dental veneering. Unlike porcelain dental veneers which need to be custom-fabricated, composite bonding is a resin-like material applied directly to the surface of the tooth.

As a result, the process negates the need for lab design and the costs involved with that, but also, the nature of composite bonding means that the design can be tweaked as the resin is applied, so there is no need for 'temporaries’ to be worn.

In essence, our composite veneers at Belfast, Edinburgh, Dublin and Manchester can easily provide a truly bespoke and natural look in just a short space of time at an affordable price.

Call New Life Teeth to see how we can help you completely transform your smile for a lot less than you might think.

Don’t forget, we also offer 0%, low-interest and zero-deposit finance plans that allow you to spread the cost of payments over a series of months or years, depending on your needs.

Commonly asked questions about composite bonding

How long do composite bonding last?

Typically composite bonding lasts for around 5 years before it needs to be reapplied. Because the material is not as hard as your natural tooth enamel, it can wear down, break, stain and chip over time.  

Can I smoke with composite bonding?

Composite bonding will discolour over time from stain-inducing foods like coffee, red wine and curry sauce but in addition, smoking can also cause the white resin-like material to stain (just as it does your natural teeth). So yes, you can smoke but it’s likely that you will decrease the longevity of your composite restoration.

How strong are composite bonding veneers?

Modern composite resins are durable and allow you to bite and chew normally. However, they won’t be as strong as your natural tooth enamel. That said, if you damage a composite restoration it can easily be repaired or replaced.

Do composite bonding restorations appear fake?

At New Life Teeth, we are masters in creating flawless restorations that fit into your existing smile. We are highly skilled in shaping, sizing and colour-matching. So your composite restoration will look like it has always been there.