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Digital smile design in Belfast and Edinburgh

Your smile, your way!

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Digital smile design at a glance

Digital smile design benefits

  • Try your new smile before you buy

  • The patient takes an active part in the creation of their new look

  • Any dental problems are better highlighted using detailed photos and video

  • Gives insights into possible case solutions

  • Increases patient confidence when embarking on changing their smile

Digital smile design uses cutting edge technology to allow patients to visualise their new smile before commencing treatment. With your input and our expertise we can create the smile you've all dreamed of.

Here at New Life Teeth, we invest in the latest technology to ensure the treatments and services we provide are altogether better for patients.

One such investment is Digital Smile Design. In Belfast and Edinburgh, DSD technology allows patients the chance to choose and create their smile, putting them front and centre in the cosmetic design process.

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How is Digital Smile Design technology used?

During an initial consultation, the first thing our cosmetic dentists do is listen to the patient.

Aesthetics are subjective and having a good understanding of how that patient perceives their current smile and how they would like it to be, goes a long way towards creating the perfect aesthetic for them.Then, it’s the job of our highly skilled clinicians in Edinburgh and Belfast to help the patient visualise how that look can be achieved. This is where DSD technology can help.

The starting point

Firstly, documented evidence of a patient’s existing smile is collected using a series of photographs and videos.

This is so that facial analysis can be carried out to better understand the relationship between the teeth, gums, lips and the face in motion.

The 3D prototype

The technology then allows us to create a 3D prototype or mock-up of your ideal smile which is placed over the existing imagery allowing the patient to virtually ‘wear’ their new and improved smile.

This prototype allows our Digital Smile Design dentists in Edinburgh and Belfast to make adjustments and tweaks until the patient is happy. Being able to see what the finished creation will look like ‘live’ is a huge advantage because the patient will know what they can expect – thus avoiding any uncertainty surrounding their cosmetic dentistry treatment. It also provides a clear and concise picture for our team to work towards.

How Digital Smile Design helps you

Digital smile design is used in several processes, particularly treatments like full-arch dental implants and dental veneers.

It lets you (the patient) virtually experience your new teeth before you commit to a particular procedure. The opportunity for patients to see how it looks to have a complete set of functioning teeth or an improved blemish-free smile can make all the difference in helping them to make a better-informed dental decision.

For many patients, this is a ground-breaking moment that shows that the beautiful smile they crave is only a treatment away.

If you are considering a full-arch treatment or feel that dental veneers could be right for you but want to find out more before you commit, then book a Digital Smile Design treatment in Edinburgh or Belfast to see if it can help.

New Life Teeth are delighted to offer this service free of charge as part of your smile consultation. So call us on…

Edinburgh 0131 564 1822 or Belfast – 028 9521 7533

We’re happy to provide this exclusive service if we feel that it is beneficial to your decision- making process and also if it’s necessary to determine which treatment plan is best suited to you.

Ask us about our Digital Smile Design technology in Belfast and Edinburgh when you book your consultation with us.

Commonly asked questions

How much input does the patient get in creating their ideal smile?

First and foremost, it’s always the patient’s choice. Although, as dental professionals, we will try to guide the patient, particularly if they’re uncertain as to why they aren’t happy with the appearance of their existing smile. On occasions, we may also have to step in and explain any limitations particularly relating to a patient's overall health and the levels of invasiveness required to achieve what the patient wants

How do you manage patient expectations?

The virtual imagery does this. It’s extremely accurate so a patient will know what can and cannot be achieved.

How long does the Digital Smile Design process take?

There is no set time limit for this process and we will take all the time necessary to ensure that you are happy with the proposed outcome before we move on to any form of treatment planning.