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Dental hygiene treatment cost


Maintenance visits


Periodental treatment packages. Our hygiene services are also available to non-registered patients via Direct Access, please get in touch

Dental hygiene treatment benefits

  • Prevention against gum problems that may otherwise affect overall health

  • Early detection and treatment of gum disease

  • Advanced hygiene treatments such as deep cleaning to help prevent tooth loss

  • Passing on best oral care techniques to maintain a healthy smile 

  • Collaboration with our dental team to maintain a healthy environment for your new smile 

  • Silky smooth air polishing for stain removal

Get a full dental health check-up and report without leaving home!

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The importance of good dental hygiene

Dental hygiene is a huge part of any dental care routine and one that is done right can help to prevent issues like heart disease, diabetes and strokes.

Medical research has shown that there is a definitive link between gum disease and certain diseases or medical conditions.With this in mind, our highly skilled hygienist in Belfast will work closely with you to keep your mouth and indirectly your body, healthy or to treat any gum disease problems you might currently have.

Have you booked your hygiene appointment yet?
Our hygiene team is ready to help. We provide a full range of preventative services and gum treatments to get you back on track. 

Call New Life Teeth in Edinburgh (0131 564 1822) and Belfast (028 9521 7533) today. Alternatively, book a free smile consultation online.

Problems that our hygienist can help with

Did you know that by visiting a dental hygienist regularly you can prevent a wide range of problems?

These include:

  • Bleeding gums when you brush

  • Sore or tender gums

  • Shrunken gums (known as gum recession)

  • Bad breath and

  • Loose teeth

Why gum health matters

Think of your gums as support vessels for your teeth. Below the surface of the gum is a complex network of ligaments, nerves and tissues all designed to support and nourish teeth.

When teeth lose that network of support, you can lose your teeth. 

Neglect gum health, for example, and you could develop an aggressive infection known as periodontal disease. When left to its own devices, it can destroy the bone supporting both the gum and the tooth.

Therefore, taking good care of your gums also means taking good care of your teeth and that’s where a dental hygienist can help.

Dental hygiene visit  - What patients can expect

During your first appointment, your oral health will be reviewed using a series of assessments and questionnaires.

Based on these findings our dental hygienist will tailor any treatments to your specific needs and give you overall dental cleaning costs so you don’t have any nasty surprises. Some of these treatments include:


Teeth scaling and cleaning (prophylaxis) 

Sometimes known as ‘prophy’ or ‘teeth cleaning’ our hygienist uses specialised tools to gently remove any stubborn plaque (tartar) which has built up on your teeth over time. Then the teeth are polished and cleaned to give you a fresh, plaque-free smile.

In addition, our hygienists will perform an oral cancer screening and provide you with essential oral care tips when necessary.


Non-surgical periodontal (gum) therapy

Non-surgical periodontal therapy (also known as deep cleaning) is particularly beneficial in the early stages of gum disease. Special scalers and ultrasonic cleaners can be used to eradicate bacteria or infection located below the gum line. Depending upon the severity of your situation, treatment can take more than one visit to put right. Once complete, our dental hygienist will provide routine care instructions and ask you to attend regular follow-up consultations so progress can be monitored.


Periodontal maintenance

These are follow-up consultations carried out after periodontal therapy has been performed. During this appointment gums and teeth are checked and any new plaque (tartar) is gently removed.  

Typically periodontal maintenance with our dental hygienist in Edinburgh or Belfast takes somewhere between 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete. 

Cleaning like this is recommended every 3 -6 months depending upon the complexities of your gum disease problem.

Commonly asked questions

How often should I get my teeth professionally cleaned?

Most dentists and hygienists recommend that you have your teeth or dental implants professionally cleaned twice a year. However, if you are particularly sensitive to the bacteria that cause gum disease, or have a medical condition that predisposes you to gum issues, you may be advised to attend more regularly.

Electric or manual toothbrush – which should I use?

Advances in dental hygiene have shown electric toothbrushes to be up to 30% more effective at removing bacteria when you brush, and guard against over-brushing and gum recession. Chat with one of our dental hygienists to see what would be best for you.

My gums bleed If I floss, is that normal?

Occasionally you may notice bleeding after you floss. This is an indication that there is inflammation (gum disease causing bacteria) between the teeth. Although bleeding may appear to stop shortly after flossing, it shouldn't be ignored as it can progress into damaging the supporting bone of the teeth. Keep flossing for a few consecutive days, but get in touch if the bleeding persists and book a hygiene visit with us!