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Your implant journey with New Life Teeth

The path to replacing your missing teeth and enjoying new-found confidence in your smile is a smooth one at New Life Teeth. Throughout your dental implant treatment you will be in the experienced and very capable hands of our highly-skilled team.

Free clinical assessment

The first and one of the most important tasks is to confirm your suitability for dental implants and discuss your smile goals with our dental team. During your free initial consultation at New Life Teeth your dentist will assess your mouth, gums and bone structure, taking an X-ray of the area where the tooth (or teeth) is missing. You’ll also have a CT bone density scan so that we can accurately evaluate the area where the dental implants are needed.


Review  plan

Armed with the results of the X-rays and scans, plus our notes from our discussion with you regarding your dental requirements and concerns, we will present you with your personalised treatment plan. Your dentist will explain their recommendations fully and detail the dental implant process, so that you can be confident in their approach. At this stage we can also talk to you about available finance options, to help you spread the cost of your new smile. 


In-depth planning

Using high-tech virtual guides for the greatest accuracy, your dentist will plan the placement of your dental implants. Planning with the help of computerised imaging ensures that the dental implant can be placed in exactly the right position in the bone, for the very best results.


Implant placement

Once we have checked that you are dentally fit, you’re ready for your dental implant placement. Don’t worry if you’re nervous at this point; New Life teeth implants are placed under a local anaesthetic, and you'll have the choice of one of our various sedation options.


Time to heal

Once implanted, it’s important to give the bone and gum around the implant time to heal, before it can be used to support a new tooth. This process usually takes around three to six months, after which time the implant becomes one with the bone around it, providing a strong and stable platform for your new dental crown, bridge or denture.

Final placement

Once your implant is integrated with the bone, your dentist is able to restore it with replacement teeth. Firstly, we will take impressions of the position of the implants in relation to your other teeth and structures, so that the crown, bridge or denture can be carefully crafted to blend seamlessly with your natural smile. When it is ready, your dentist will fix it to the dental implant, ensuring it fits securely and comfortably.