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A smile is a powerful thing.

Not only is it a universally recognised expression of happiness, it releases endorphins which are good for your overall health and wellbeing.

Unfortunately, not everyone is happy with theirs and this can have a major impact on how a person feels. 

At New Life Teeth, our cosmetic dentists have the skills to refine or realign teeth so that they function to the best of their ability but also to focus on how the finished smile will look. We take facial balance and symmetry into account leaving you with a flawless natural finish.  

If you feel embarrassed by your teeth, come and talk to our cosmetic dentist at New Life Teeth who can help.

Remember. You don’t need to hide behind your smile, allow us to bring out its natural beauty with cosmetic dentistry.

Treatments include:

Dental veneers 

If you suffer from badly stained or blemished teeth, our exquisite custom dental veneers can help.

Custom designed to fit snugly over the front surface of the teeth they can mask a wide range of imperfections.

restore your smile with dental veneers

Composite bonding

Cracked or chipped teeth can be a sensitive problem and a source of embarrassment for the recipient.

Thankfully our cosmetic dentists can protect the tooth and restore its natural beauty using the latest composite bonding techniques.

Save and enhance a tooth with composite bonding

Actual patient - Miss Northern Ireland


Have you considered teeth straightening but don’t like the thought of fixed braces?

We have the solution with Invisalign – A game-changing orthodontic treatment that allows you to straighten teeth with complete anonymity.

more about invisalign costs and treatments

Teeth whitening

Bring out the best in your smile with safe and proven professional teeth whitening.

Ask us about our chair-side teeth whitening treatments that can deliver a whiter brighter smile in as little as one hour or our take-home kits that allow you to whiten teeth in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace.

discover our teeth whitening treatments

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Digital Smile Design

The wonders of modern technology allow patients to design exactly how they would like their finished smile to look before a particular treatment is carried out.

Your smile is in your hands with Digital Smile Design technology.

Although the above restorations may seem small, the difference they can make to a person’s smile, confidence and overall quality of life is immense.

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