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Want to read more about our work?

We're extremely proud of what we do and how we alter the lives of countless patients for the better.

However, we don’t expect you to simply take our word for it. Instead, find out what our patients have to say with a cross-section of patient stories from New Life Teeth.

Below you’ll find a selection of previous dental patients who have visited one of our New Life Teeth centres and have taken the time to express their gratitude.

Eddie's Story

Eddie had the double full arch dental implant treatment at New Life Teeth in Belfast.

After a FREE detailed consultation with Dr. Lutton in Belfast, I was impressed by the level of options presented to me. Firstly, they suggested the best solution to help fix both my teeth and gums, showed me key options which would suit my mouth, my jawline and to give me a more natural looking result. I was given information on their maintenance plans and flexible payment options (brilliant).

I'm not an old person but having an active corporate career, I wanted this to be perfect, a natural transition and one that will last me a lifetime. A procedure with little or no hassle, since I couldn't afford any time off work. In the end I chose the 'Full Arch' Implant treatment.

Having ongoing teeth and gum issues for the last 8 years, I was trying to fix the unfixable and paying various dentist to maintain my crooked, weak and decaying teeth and a poor gum line. My research on permanent treatments lead me to look overseas (to save cost), across the water and reading various treatment blogs and reviews I came across New Life Teeth in Belfast. My main objectives were to fix my teeth (my smile), improve health of my gums and most importantly find an expert who I can visit frequently if things went wrong. Yeah one must think of all the 'risks' and those 'what if's'...

Well, the proof is in the pudding! I am not only delighted with my results, the FULL ARCH Treatment have turned out perfect, it's like the teeth I had in my 20s but better, my lifestyle has totally improved. I'm more confident, now I can eat all the foods including a chewy steak and bite into a crusty bread.

I must mention Dr. Lutton's team here - always on hand, always assisting, follow ups were very friendly and everyone was extremely professional. Sarah, Clare, David, Natasha, Kylie and Charlene ...you guys made my journey very comfortable, your support and kindness added to my overall positive experience at New Life. Thank you all and it's now onwards and upwards for me!

My gums are healthy and in best shape ever. Check my photo :) yes I'm all smiles. The process does require a bit of patience but being looked after by New Life's extensive team made the journey so much easier. Each stage and procedure is well explained. New Life Teeth is using a state-of-the-art implant technology which I couldn't find when I visited clinics in London, Dublin or Budapest.

Eddie Mumtaz, Belfast

Stephen's Story

We followed one of our patients, Stephen, through the full arch dental implant procedure. Here is his story.


Full arch dental implants can permanently replace an entire arch of teeth - either upper or lower. The main procedure takes only one day.At New Life Teeth we recommend the zirconia full arch implant bridge - the same one Stephen has- which is bio-compatible, looks like real teeth and lasts up to a lifetime. This solution delivers bright, natural-looking teeth.


Stephen, a self-employed builder, is a typical patient for full arch dental implants. He'd lost a lot of teeth years ago and was struggling with a part-denture.

He was keen to find out if there was a permanent solution to his dental problems. His hope for the treatment was that it would help him regain his confidence to smile and allow him eat his favourite foods again.

The results

Stephen underwent a typical full arch dental implant treatment.

The procedure and recovery went smoothly according to plan. With his new set of zirconia fixed teeth, Stephen's confidence has soared. He feels a lot more outgoing, is confident with his speech and loves his new teeth.

Linda's Story

Linda had the full arch dental implant treatment at New Life Teeth in Belfast.

Take the turning point in your life and transform your teeth

New Life Teeth bring world leading dental technology to your doorstep, as a Zirkonzahn® Group brand. With years of research behind it, we’ve introduced first-class dental implants to Belfast and Edinburgh, and throughout the UK & Ireland.

We’re the dental implant people, providing the highest quality of cosmetic dentistry, with a skilled, experienced team and dedicated theatre. No other clinic can match us on delivering an incredible lasting option for patients. No other material can compete on all levels.

With over 100+ 5-star reviews in the last 12 months, our service is second to none. Make a positive change in your life, eat and smile again. Contact us to book a free consultation.

A day in your life is no less important than a day in someone else's!

Your unstable dentures or failing teeth are not acceptable, making you look and feel old. In modern times, dentures are perceived as poor, dirty, and unhygienic. Rightly or wrongly, there is a social stigma, implying you are uneducated, poor or unhealthy. People judge on appearance and bad teeth detrimentally affects your lifestyle, such as job prospects, relationships and self-confidence.

We offer a virtually painfree treatment with a lifetime warranty. We recommend the Teethforever® Bridge™, as it’s the ultimate fixed solution, made only on-site in our unique Teeth Forever® Lab by our knowledgeable Master Ceramists and Dental Technicians. It’s the longest lasting, most effective way to replace missing teeth, bar none, and we’re proud to offer it to our patients. We guarantee a 100% bite and chewing force.

I have always struggled with mismatched, discoloured teeth and wanted a positive change. I felt that I had held back for so long that it was time to finally do something about it. I always thought that I would have to travel to London or New York to have this type of treatment but, lo and behold, New Life Teeth have brought this amazing treatment to Belfast. I was impressed with customer service and my treatment plan throughout. All the staff on Lisburn Road are great and really friendly. I love my new teeth!

Linda Crush, Belfast

Barbara's Story

One of our patients, Barbara, had the full arch dental implant procedure. Here is her story.


Full arch dental implants can permanently replace an entire arch of teeth - either upper or lower. The main procedure takes only one day.At New Life Teeth we recommend the zirconia full arch implant bridge - the same one Stephen has- which is bio-compatible, looks like real teeth and lasts up to a lifetime. This solution delivers bright, natural-looking teeth.

The results

Before coming to New Life Teeth in Edinburgh Barbara was suffering from bleeding gums and had a partial plate.Barbara opted for the full arch dental implants as she didn’t want a plate and felt she was too young for dentures.She met with Stuart and was delighted with her treatment from the very initial contact with us through to walking out the door with her new teeth.The main benefits for Barbara are having real teeth again.Barbara said “New Life Teeth are the best and I would advise anyone who has problems to visit Stuart and Rob at the clinic.

This was a really good investment in both time and money. I am delighted.

barbara, edinburgh

Lauren's Story

"Before I wouldn't have smiled, I used to always have my hand over my face but look at me now! I can witter away again."

Lauren is a typical patient arriving at the clinic. She was extremely embarrassed about her smile and was lacking in confidence.After this life-changing treatment, like our other patients, the difference in her character was amazing.

Every part of her patient journey was seamless and our team feel special knowing that she felt comfortable with the process. We work hard to make our patients' lives better.

With our digital technology, Lauren was able to see what her teeth would look like when they are finished and this was very reassuring for her.

First class experience

Our New Life Teeth dental centres are one of only a handful of independent clinics left in Northern Ireland and Edinburgh.

Rebecca came to see Dr Michael Rowland with the goal of getting her confidence back in her smile. She was embarrassed to look at past photos of herself and wanted to finally do something about it.

She has been insecure about her smile and teeth for a while and following a full consultation with photos and scan of her teeth, Michael discussed all the different options for improving her smile.

Following poor experiences with cosmetic dentistry beforehand, Rebecca decided to go for the porcelain veeners. Michael wanted to provide the best choice and achieve her expectations and more!

They are everything that she hoped for! She can't stop smiling and her teeth look amazing!

Cathy clarke