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Root canal treatment at new Life Teeth

Alleviate pain and save a tooth

Root canal treatment cost


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Root canal treatment benefits

  • A procedure carried out by highly experienced dentists with a special interest in endodontics (the diagnosis and treatment of tooth pain)

  • Root canal treatment is designed to get you out of pain

  • It’s a comfortable, safe and effective treatment that saves a tooth

  • Root canal treatment negates the need for a tooth extraction

  • Once saved, the tooth is then protected with a dental crown

  • We provide dental sedation options for nervous patients

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Getting you out of pain with root canal therapy

Mention the word ‘root canal’ to even the hardiest of people and it’s enough to get hearts racing and palms sweating.

In truth, however, when root canal therapy is carried out by experienced dentists, it serves to alleviate pain and save your problem tooth. 

Here at New Life Teeth, we have a highly experienced team of clinicians who regularly perform the latest root canal treatment in Edinburgh for patients who are in debilitating discomfort.

You don’t have to put up with tooth pain. Instead, book an emergency appointment at New Life Teeth who can help.

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Root canal pain – what causes it?

When a tooth suffers from cracking, fracturing or decay, bacteria can access the tooth, penetrating the outer layers and entering the root canal system.

This contains the dental pulp and many of the nerves. A single tooth can have several root canals and bacteria may enter one or more of these. 

Over time, bacteria attacks and kills the tooth from within and as you can imagine, anyone with a root canal infection can experience extreme discomfort. Root canal (endodontic treatment) therapy is designed to clear the infection and get you out of pain fast.

Root canal treatment - How it’s performed

  • During a consultation with our endodontic dentist, you are given an x-ray using the latest technology. This tells us the extent of the damage and the degree of infection

  • After explaining the treatment to you, our dentist will numb the tooth and surrounding gums using a local anaesthetic – We also provide dental sedation should patients request it.

  • Then, a small hole is carefully drilled through the top of the crown to access the pulp chamber.

  • Next, using special tools, any bacteria is removed from the chamber along with the infected nerve.

  • The root canal chamber is flushed out and cleaned to ensure that there are no traces of bacteria remaining

  • A further x-ray will be taken to ensure that the tooth has been fully treated.

  • Then, the empty canal chamber is back-filled and sealed off to prevent further infection

  • Finally, the tooth is fitted with a dental crown to protect it.

The bottom line

With the use of the latest techniques, root canal therapy is a comfortable procedure and while you may be in great pain and discomfort before treatment, we can assure you that endodontic therapy should provide you with complete relief.

Moreover, proper restoration and care undertaken during root canal treatment in Edinburgh mean that your problem tooth should now last for several decades or more.

Commonly asked questions about root canal therapy

How much does root canal treatment cost?

The price of endodontic (root canal) treatment varies depending upon the extent of the infection. If a tooth has more than one infected canal then this is more difficult to treat and will therefore be more expensive. That said, the result is a saved tooth that should give you years of hassle-free use.To find out more about root canal costs visit our treatment costs page.

What are the signs that I might need root canal therapy?

Signs include…

  • Sudden tooth pain when biting down

  • Extreme sensitivity to hot or cold foods or drinks

  • Swelling or abscess in the gum area

  • A bad taste in the mouth emanating from the problem area

  • Face or jaw pain stemming from one particular area

Do I always need to crown a tooth after root canal treatment?

While it isn’t necessary in every single case, it is required in the majority of treatments. This is because the tooth in question is likely to have been damaged by the infection and has therefore been weakened. A lifelike dental crown fits over the entire surface of the tooth and protects it while restoring full bite capacity.

What could happen If I don’t seek root canal treatment ?   

Unfortunately, an untreated root canal can lead to a dental abscess. Dental abscesses can, in turn, lead to other conditions such as heart attacks, strokes and sepsis – all of which are potentially life-threatening. 

Moreover, while not everyone needing root canal treatment here in Edinburgh will be in pain, there is a strong likelihood that if you do develop a dental abscess, you will be in extreme discomfort.