Full Jaw Dental Implants

Your questions answered

"Full Jaw Implants are one of the biggest investments you will make in your life...

... it is vital that you do your research and have all your questions answered before you select who your trust for your treatment. At New Life Teeth we encourage all our patients to ask lots of questions about the full jaw dental implant procedure, surgery, recovery, the materials we use for the teeth and implants, our expertise, and our outcomes. Being well informed helps you to make the right decision for you so that you can be sure you are in the best possible hands.”

- Dr Stuart Lutton, Founder of New Life Teeth, BDS MJDF MSc Implant Dentistry, IDC: 3720

Dr Stuart Lutton talking to a full mouth dental implant patient
Close up of our Zirconia Teeth Forever bridge which is used in a Full Jaw Dental Implant treatment

What are Full Jaw Implants (also known as All on 4 or All on 6)?

Full Jaw dental implants are a long-term tooth replacement option for people who have lost or are losing all their teeth. The surgery involves the removal of any remaining teeth and between four and six implants are placed in each jaw.

These are then used to support a complete fixed arch of prosthetic teeth. This is all completed in a day and you leave surgery with your first set of teeth in place.

This treatment offers the most reliable and durable permanent tooth replacement option for our patients.

How can you restore a whole mouth with fixed teeth in one day?

Immediate implant placement and loading at surgery is a method which has been practiced for over 30 years and provides a fast solution, enabling both the implant and prosthesis to be placed during the same appointment as the tooth extraction.

This minimises the period without teeth and quickly enhances oral appearance and functionality. Not all patients are suitable candidates for immediate loading.

Those with poor bone quality, such as patients with osteoporosis or those who have experienced significant bone loss in the jaw, may not be eligible for this procedure.

In these cases we provide a staged treatment where the implants are given more time to integrate before attaching the permanent teeth, and a temporary denture is worn during this period.

Photo of Valerie who is one of our dental implant patients

Comparison of Full Jaw Dental Clinics in the UK

There are a number  of Full Jaw Dental Clinics in the UK. Below are the most established providers with expertise in Full Jaw Dental solutions. In the table below we have outlined the key features of each clinic so you can compare. To use the table on mobile simply swipe left or right!

New Life Teeth

2 Jaw Price





from £6,990

Teeth Material

PMMA Polymer Hybrid

PMMA Polymer Hybrid



Years in Business

12 Years

2 Years

17 Years

17 Years

9 Years

Complex Cases ?
(Zygomatic Implants)

£24,500 Fixed Price


Cost not disclosed

Cost not disclosed


Mechanical Warranty

15 Years

5 Years

2 Years

3 Years


Implant Warranty

5 Years

3 Years

2 Years

3 Years


Single Implants?

Tailored IV sedation options

Included, no extra cost

Sedation £1000

Included, no extra cost

Included, no extra cost

Sedation from £720

Global Recognition

Tooth shades

Unique to you





Photo of our Zirconia Dental Implants in our belfast lab

Why are Zirconia Teeth better than PMMA (plastic)?

At New Life Teeth we only use the Prettau Zirconia bridge for your final, fixed permanent teeth. Other providers use PMMA (plastic) as it is a much cheaper material. The advantages of Zirconia for the teeth over PMMA are: 

Improved Functionality and Aesthetics:
Our Prettau Zirconia teeth present an improvement in chewing functionality compared to standard PMMA or composite teeth. Its multi-layered aesthetics aim to closely mimic the natural look of teeth, providing a well-balanced solution for our patients.

Increased Durability:
The high durability of Zirconia extends the life of the prosthetic teeth, reducing the need for frequent replacements or repairs. It exhibits remarkable wear-resistance, making it a superior long-term solution. We back this by a 15 year warranty for our Zircinia teeth compared to the 3-5 year warranties offered by other providers for PMMA teeth. 

Resistance to Bacteria, Stains, and Odors:
An additional advantage of the Zirconia over PMMA  is its resistance to bacteria, stains, and odors. This not only enhances the overall cleanliness and freshness of the prosthetic teeth but also promotes improved oral health for our patients.

How do you make the Prettau Zirconia Teeth?

First we purchase the Prettau Zirconia material which is then milled in our lab to the precise design of your teeth. It is coloured according to your choice and hand finished by our technicians. Please see the video below for more information.

How long does the whole process take?

From your surgery appointment to the fitting of your final Zirconia Teeth, it is on average 10-12 weeks. During this, we fit a temporary set of prosthetic teeth (also called a provisional prosthesis) to your implants.

Our temporary prosthesis is both functional and aesthetic, allowing you to leave our clinic after your surgery with a complete set of teeth. The temporary teeth are made of lightweight materials (PMMA) to minimize stress on the new implants during the initial healing phase.

The 10-12 week period is required to allow your implants to undergo the process of osseointegration, where the bone gradually fuses with the implant surface.

Once your implants are healed, we can fit your final Prettau Zirconia Teeth Forever® bridge.

Full jaw dental implant patient with our implant doctor

Why are Full Jaw Dental Implants better than Dentures?

Full Jaw Dental implants are a permanent fixed solution which have the following advantages:

  • More like natural teeth

  • Improved appearance, giving you a more confident smile

  • Permanent – full jaw dental implants should last your lifetime

  • You will be able to eat all food groups without fear or discomfort

  • Bio-compatible, meaning it is not toxic and, therefore is unlikely to be rejected by the body

  • They support your facial structure

An alternative is dentures which can be a more cost effective solution, but there are various disadvantages to dentures:

  • They are uncomfortable and may not fit correctly

  • Long term denture wearing causes significant bone loss which alters the shape of your face

  • They are loose and can come displaced while eating

  • They affect your ability to chew properly and you will not be able to eat certain foods.

  • They can affect your speech

  • Not a long term solution and will need replacing

Does New Life Teeth offer Free Assessments?

Yes! We offer completely free, no-obligation clinic assessments to those considering Full Jaw Dental Implants.

On arrival, one of our amazing patient coordinators will greet you and welcome you to our clinic, offer you a drink or magazine if you’re early, and take you to our waiting room. 

One of our leading Full Jaw Implant Surgeons will then take you to our assessment room to have CBCT scans, Intra-oral scans, facial photographs and videos taken. With this data, we will analyse your current dental situation and provide you with a personalized treatment plan.

There will also be plenty of time for you to discuss any questions you may have with your Implant Surgeon.

Same Day Dental Implant patient standing with one of New Life Teeth's leading implant surgeons

Even more questions answered

Want to know even more about Full jaw Implants? Here we answer some of the most frequently asked questions, that we haven't covered about. Click on the headers below to find out more.

Who are New Life Teeth?

New Life Teeth was established over 10 years ago by renowned dental implantologist. Dr Stuart Lutton. We are a team of highly experienced dental surgeons, clinicians, nurses, patient co-ordinators , designers and lab technicians, dedicated to delivering Zirconia Full Jaw Rehabilitation to the highest standards.

What implants do New Life Teeth Use?

We use Titanium Implants manufactured by Southern Implants, a well established global company founded in 1987. It offers a range of 56 bone level and tissue level implants with tapered, straight and tapered apex shapes to suit all patient anatomies. 

Will  my new teeth look and feel like natural teeth?

Over  time, dental implants actually become part of your mouth because they  integrate with your jawbone. Our expert dental technicians will be able to  provide you with the perfect shape, colour and size of your teeth so that  they look completely natural. Our  teeth are designed to complement the individual’s facial anatomy.  

Your  new teeth will look and feel like natural teeth and they will also function  like natural healthy teeth. You’ll be able to eat whatever foods you wish,  with complete confidence.

Why is  it more expensive in the UK and Ireland than going abroad?

Whilst  there are good clinics in other countries which work to high standards many  do not. Below are some of the reasons why paying more to have your treatment  in the UK or Ireland is preferable.    

Regulation -  In the  UK, all dentists are regulated and monitored by the General Dental Council.  The goal of the GDC is to maintain professional standards and protect the  public. UK registered dentists are required to keep up to date with modern  techniques and show to be actively engaged in continuous professional  development. The Care Quality Commission (CQC) also monitors dental clinics  and ensures they are safe environments for patients to be treated in.  Adhering to the strict standards of these regulations requires large  ongoing costs which lead to higher costs of surgery for patients in the UK  and Ireland. Whilst there may be regulatory mechanisms in other countries,  they may not be as effective for the patient if something goes wrong. This  level of regulation in the UK protects our patients.    

Wages  - In the  U.K we have minimum wage requirement for all our employees. Over and above  this, our staff are highly skilled and are paid accordingly. In Eastern  Europe and Turkey this is often not the case and dentists, nurses and staff  are poorly reimbursed.    

Costs   - Not  only is the cost of highly trained dentists, nurses and support staff higher  in the UK and Ireland but the costs of premises, equipment, marketing and  materials are also substantially higher than other countries. New Life Teeth  use only the highest quality material and implants and do not believe in  cutting costs which will compromise the outcome for our patients.

What  if I’ve been told I don’t have enough bone for dental implants?

Unlike  other providers we can treat all patients with severe bone loss. We can place  pterygoid or zygomatic implants into denser areas of bone and undertake bone  grafting where required.

How do  I book an appointment?

You  can take the next step by using the form at the bottom of this page and submitting your enquiry . Or give us a call on 0800 995 6888

Does it hurt?

At New Life Teeth you are in safe and highly capable hands. Every detail of your treatment is painstakingly planned beforehand using the latest computerised technology. Therefore, when it comes to placing your implants we are able to carry out the procedure causing you little or no discomfort. We provide you with conscious sedation during the procedure at no additional cost. As with all extensive dental treatments, some patients will experience post-operative tenderness in the mouth and swelling for a few days after the procedure, but this is completely normal. Full pre and post-operative medications and instructions are provided by our clinical team to help with any discomfort and our clinically trained patient co-ordinators will be available to help you through the healing process.

What if an implant fails?  

Studies  have shown that the failure rate of dental implants is under 3%. Age, chronic  illness and lifestyle (such as smoking) are factors in implant failure. At  New Life Teeth implant failure is rare and we offer a 5 year biological  warranty for the implants which means that during this period if any further  surgery is required or an implant needs to be revised it will be undertaken  free of charge.

Can I drive after surgery?

No. Because we will be sedating you during your surgery you will be unable to drive home. All patients must be accompanied to their surgery and back home afterwards.

How Long is the surgery?

Surgery lasts approximately 1.5 hours for a single jaw and 2.5 hours for both jaws. Once your surgery is complete you will be taken to your patient suite where you can relax and recover while your bespoke initial prosthesis is made in our on-site lab which takes approximately 1 hour. You will then be fitted with your first set of teeth leaving the clinic with a new smile!

Do you do Zygomatic Implants?

Yes we often place Zygomatic implants for our more complex cases. We use Zygomatic implants when there is not enough bone for ordinary dental implants. A Zygomatic implant is longer than ordinary dental implants and engage the strong, dense bone that forms the cheekbone.

What  if I have severe dental anxiety or dental phobia?

Yes we often place Zygomatic implants for our more complex cases. We use Zygomatic implants when there is not enough bone for ordinary dental implants. A Zygomatic implant is longer than ordinary dental implants and engage the strong, dense bone that forms the cheekbone.

Do you  do bone graft and Sinus lifts?

Yes. We offer  bone graft and sinus lift. Our surgical clinicians have many years of  experience of complex surgeries and we can treat the majority of patients who  come to us with challenging issues.

Can I  be treated if I have gum disease?

Many  of our patients suffer from gum disease and we are able to treat them. When  you to come in for your free clinical assessment our surgical clinicians can  advise on suitability from the scans we take on the day.