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How Successful is a Single Dental Implant Edinburgh?

One of the biggest concerns our patients often report is whether a single dental implant Edinburgh will be successful. While we understand this concern, you can rest assured that there’s nothing to worry about with a single dental implant. To ease any concerns, we’ll explore the subject a bit closer and our procedures for promoting success.


Single dental implant Edinburgh: How we promote success at New Life Teeth

As part of your initial free consultation, we’ll complete a CT bone scan to check your bone density and also examine your oral hygiene. When it comes to single dental implants, good gum health and strong bone density are the two most important factors. These two factors can determine whether and if a dental implant will successfully fuse with your jawbone and provide lasting stability. As a result, following your single dental implant procedure, we also recommend that you visit our hygienist twice a year to make sure everything is on track and maintain a good oral hygiene routine.


Why do dental implants fail?


The Association of Dental Implantology reports that 95% of single dental implants are successful. Over the long-term some dental implants (roughly 5%) weaken so they’re no longer able to support the new tooth and as such may need to be replaced.


Typically, dental implants fail due to smoking, poor oral hygiene, or systemic disease. You can increase your chances of success by taking care of your dental implants; for example, not smoking and brushing and flossing regularly.


Dental Implant Cost


At New Life Teeth, all of our single dental implants come with a warranty. Our experienced team of dental surgeons will help ease any concerns and anxieties during as well as after your single dental implant procedure.

To find out more about the costs of a single implant, please take a look at the table below. 

dental implant edinburgh


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