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Dental implants cost – bring out the best in your smile

Dental implants cost – bring out the best in your smile

Dental implants cost varies according to your dental needs. At New Life Teeth, we meet patients every day with common dental problems, looking for a solution that can help that get on with their lives without the worry of their teeth appearance or discomfort. Dental implants cost options can be discussed in full when you come in for a consultation with a dentist or dental implant surgeon on Lisburn Road Belfast.

dental implants cost

Some patients have spent their lives with countless visits to the dentist and have already paid for various treatments or temporary fix solutions. Some patients suffer from different oral problems related to gum disease, due to years of decay and as a solution, the dentist removes teeth and replaces them with dental implants on the top or bottom or both.

Teeth Replacement

For the teeth replacements, our dental technicians made the temporary bridge in the dental lab so that fixed bridges can be cemented in. The aesthetic quality of the implants is very important to ensure the new teeth fit the patient’s face and visual appearance well. The final restorations provide a much better-quality and natural-looking teeth that are functional and aesthetically beautiful.

Patients don’t have to tolerate spaces in their teeth, loose dentures, moving dentures or an uncomfortable smile. We find that our patients are much happier and satisfied with the result, with many wishing they had done it sooner in life. Dental implants can stabilise your removable dentures and the fixed bridges and permanent teeth can positively improve your quality of life and give you a better smile.

There are a number of different pricing options for dental implants cost, including single dental implants and multiple dental implants with a warranty from 18 months to a lifetime guarantee with Prettau fixed teeth. In many instances, the Prettau fixed bridge provides you with the closest thing to your own teeth and some patients feel that the result is actually better than their own original teeth.

Here are the dental implants cost options:

dental implants cost

You can visit the dental implant clinic on Lisburn Road Belfast for a complimentary consultation and our dental implant surgeon will walk you through the procedure process. The Teeth in a Day option allows you to come in and have your remaining teeth gently removed and 4 or more dental implants placed with a fixed, permanent bridge screwed in immediately. This amazing treatment is great because the patient comes in and a few hours later leaves with a highly cosmetic, comfortable and functional result.

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