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Why are dental implants better than dentures?

Why are dental implants better than dentures?

Dentures were historically an easy option for those who’d lost teeth. Who can forget grandfather removing his false teeth at the dinner table?

While perhaps the easiest option, dentures aren’t always the best for your oral hygiene and can result in many future problems.

Dentures vs. Dental Implants

Not only are dentures prone to slip out of place or even fall out while you’re speaking or eating. But, dentures can be uncomfortable if fitted incorrectly and can cause bacterial infections in your gums.

Dental hygiene experts recommend a more permanent solution to your missing teeth. Dental implants allow you to feel confident and comfortable at the same time.


Slip ‘n Slide No More

Dentures lie on top of the jawbone, causing them to move around regularly. Dental implants, on the other hand, are fused to the jawbone preventing them from falling out when you converse or chew.

You no longer need to worry at breakfast, lunch or tea-time and can now enjoy eating all your favourite foods again.

Smile Like You Mean It.

Implants also provide you with the confidence to smile again. With their natural-looking appearance, no one will know they’re not real!

Your dentist will match your new implants to your natural teeth, helping you to smile with confidence.

Get Started on the Road to a Healthy, Happy Smile!

If you have good oral hygiene, dental implants could be the perfect solution. The All-on-4 full arch new teeth provide a new lease of life! Full arch dental implants are the ultimate alternative to dentures. The Teethforever Bridge made in our on-site lab is built to last, providing an ideal solution for patients whose teeth are missing or failing. Being able to eat, drink and smile with confidence again means the world to our patients.

Make the change to dental implants and leave your dentures on your bedside table. Book in for a consultation at New Life Teeth today to feel confident again.

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