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How to protect dental implants

How to protect dental implants

Dental implants are a safe, well-established dental treatment that are just like natural teeth. They will last for as long as you care for them so it is essential that you know how to protect dental implants.

While dental implants require less care and maintenance than other types of dental solutions, there are a few ways you can help ensure their lasting success. We’ll discuss some of the ways that you can protect your dental implants and keep them in excellent condition for many years to come.

Good Dental Hygiene

After you receive dental implants, it’s crucial to maintain good oral hygiene to make sure you have healthy gums. In addition to using good dental hygiene practices, like brushing twice a day and flossing, we also recommend that our patients attend our clinic twice a year for a check-up from a hygienist.

protect dental implants

Use Interdental Brushes  

Interdental brushes can slide between teeth and as such can help you maintain good oral hygiene by cleaning the harder to reach areas around your implant. When brushing, it’s essential to make sure to clean all surface areas to remove any lingering bacteria and plaque.

Stop Smoking

Did you know that smoking can contribute to low bone density? As someone with dental implants, it’s important to maintain a high bone density as otherwise, this can significantly weaken the foundation of your implant. If your bone density becomes too low, it may even cause dental implant failure.

Bite Carefully

While dental implants allow you to eat most foods, it’s important to avoid food that could chip or damage your teeth to protect dental implants. We generally recommend being cautious when eating food with bones and hard candy and avoiding eating ice or opening packages with your teeth.

The chances of anything going wrong with your dental implants is extremely rare especially if you maintain healthy gums and good oral hygiene. However, if you notice any discomfort with your dental implant, speak to us and we’ll help you to protect dental implants the right way. At New Life Teeth, all of our dental implants come with a warranty.

We recommend Prettau® as the ultimate fixed solution and this is why we offer a lifetime warranty with this product so that your dental implants are fully protected. New Life Teeth are the only clinics in Scotland and Northern Ireland that produce and manufacturer Prettau® and we are confident it’s the best option for our patients in Edinburgh and Belfast.

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