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Prettau full arch implant solution

Prettau full arch implant solution

Fitting a full-arch implant only takes a day and allows you to permanently replace an entire arch of lower or upper teeth. Unfortunately, not all dental practice uses the best option for the job.

At New Life Teeth, our dental surgeons recommend the Prettau Bridge.


What is the Prettau Bridge?

The Prettau Bridge is made from Zirconia, a ceramic founded by Zirkonzahn. The Prettau Bridge offers a more permanent solution to replace missing teeth.

Surgeons at New Life Teeth have undergone extensive training to master the art of fitting a Prettau Bridge.

Benefits of the Prettau Bridge:

There are countless benefits of the Prettau Bridge, but a few include:

  • Greater longevity than acrylic implants.
  • Durable as they’re not prone to chipping.
  • Natural appearance as Zirconia, a translucent material, allows light to pass through.
  • Less prone to infection or gum disease.

At New Life Teeth, we pride ourselves on using products that both customers and dentists love. With a 99% satisfaction rate and fully trained dental experts, we provide a product you can trust. Learn more about the Prettau Bridge here.

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