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Loose dentures causing problems? Dental implants are permanent solution

Loose dentures causing problems? Dental implants are permanent solution

Loose dentures can cause a great deal of discomfort and unhappiness in everyday life. At New Life Teeth we often hear stories from patients about not being able to eat food properly, not being able to smile for family photos or be confident within themselves because of their loose dentures.

New Life Teeth offer an innovative solution for oral health concerns with dental implants in Belfast, Northern Ireland so patients don’t need to tolerate uncomfortable dentures. Dental implants restore the beauty of your smile with natural-looking, custom-made teeth. New Life Teeth can help you with different options to suit your condition from single to full arch dental implants. Dental implants are a fixed solution for people who want to fill gaps between teeth and want to stabilise the bridge of their mouth. Our advanced implant dentistry knowledge and experienced implant surgeons can offer you long-term results. The dental implants feel and function like your original teeth so that you feel confident to enjoy life without the worry of failing teeth.

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The most common reason for loose-fitting dentures is bone shrinkage, where the gums began to shrink due to them no longer needing to hold your teeth in place. One way to prevent this is to use your jaw as much as possible, such as chewing solid foods to help keep your gums strong and healthy. Another key factor is to have a balanced diet to help prevent bonk shrinkage, so try a wide variety of nutritional foods in your meals.

Your dentures may become loose just from everyday wear of false teeth. Therefore, practicing good denture care, including taking them out at night is important for preserving your gums. If your dentures tend to slip and on longer fit snugly, you may notice a clicking noise and experience some discomfort. Loose dentures can also lead to mouth ulcers or problems with eating.

If you experience problems with loose dentures and false teeth, then it is advised to seek a good denture adhesive or arrange for denture repairs or replacements. Nevertheless, dentures can often feel like a temporary solution to a long term dental problem and dentures are often prone to breaking, whereas dental implants can give you fixed teeth, which you can look after as you would with your normal teeth.

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