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An introduction to Zirkonzahn

An introduction to Zirkonzahn

In 2003, dental expert Enrico Steger founded the South-Tyrol based dental laboratory known as Zirkonzahn. Today, the company has grown to become a leader within the dental industry, with labs in over 100 countries.

Zirkonzahn is, perhaps, best known within the dental world for their implants.

What are Zirkonzahn Implants?

Zirkonzahn implants, unlike ceramic veneers, are made from a unique compound called Zirconium, the most durable compound used within the dentistry industry.

Zirconium is a ceramic material used as a foundation for full oral restorations, especially crowns or bridges. For example, the Prettau Zirconia Bridge we offer at New Life Teeth.


The Benefits of Zirkonzahn Implants

Implants created from Zirconium have many benefits and are much more durable than your average, run of the mill ceramic implants.

Unlike dentures which can slip out of place or ceramic veneers which are prone to chip, Zirconium implants offer longer longevity. So are often seen as a lifelong investment rather than a temporary solution.

Zirconia is also a natural compound, and it’s translucent material allows light to pass through, creating a more natural and whiter smile compared to more traditional materials that block the light making teeth appear false.


New Life Teeth Lab

At New Life Teeth Lab and Teeth Forever Lab, we use Zirkonzahn to create our award-winning Prettau Bridge. Dentists love the Prettau Bridge as it allows them to create a more natural appearance for their patients. With a 99% satisfaction rate, the Prettau Bridge is the future of dental restorations. Find out more New Life Teeth Lab here.

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