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Dental implants Northern Ireland cheap or expensive?

Dental implants Northern Ireland cheap or expensive?

Dental implants Northern Ireland searches bring up variable options on pricing. Everyone likes a bargain and many of our Belfast patients have discussed with friends and family about cheap dental implants in Northern Ireland and elsewhere in Europe before coming to our clinic for treatment. When you see or hear about a cheap dental implant service then it’s bound to spark your attention, especially if it’s half the price you were expecting to pay but it is also important to do your own research and be wary of low cost dental implants.

dental implants northern ireland

Dental implants Northern Ireland should cost reasonably based on them being a permanent solution to missing teeth or failing teeth in your mouth. The price you pay for dental implants is the price you pay and for a long term solution, it should be regarded as an investment in your future. Many cheap dental implants providers will offer a low cost saying what the price starts from, as we do but this if often misleading as many patients expect this price and no higher when they decide to go ahead. The truth is that the consultation stage is very important to decipher what is needed on a case by case basis. For some, the lowest price option such as a single dental implant may be the best option but for others, we would recommend the best option, which might turn out to be the most expensive but in the long-term most cost-effective solution.

The dental implants consultation in Belfast is complimentary with New Life Teeth and this is great for our patients to get answers to questions straight away and find out how much the overall treatment plan for them will cost. Therefore, there are no horrible surprises with costs at the end.

Dental Implants Northern Ireland - Lower grade materials

Most dental implants clinics fitting implants in Belfast will use implants from well-established manufacturers that have good research and development in the industry. However, those that compete on the price to the customer, often work with newer manufacturers who use lower grade materials. As manufacturers try to compete in this way, they may use a lower grade titanium for example, which increases the risk of things going wrong and ultimately dental implant failure. At New Life Teeth, we are proud to offer the unbreakable zirconia Prettau fixed bridge, which may be priced above average, but we are so confident in its long term benefits, that we offer a lifetime warranty to our patients.

We would advise to always be sceptical when you see an advert for cheap dental implants in Belfast, as you need to always look for a catch and understand why it is that price. Quality dental implants should be your main priority to ensure a lifetime solution and our Belfast team have successfully placed hundreds of dental implants in Belfast, with some amazing results.

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