Dental implants Belfast - Teeth in a Day

Dental implants Belfast offer a cost-effective solution from single to multiple dental implants available in the clinic on Lisburn Road Belfast. Patients who have missing teeth or failing teeth, loose dentures and struggle to eat and chew food, can now smile confidently again and enjoy their favourite foods again. At New Life Teeth dental implant clinic Belfast, we can offer you a permanent solution for embarrassing teeth and relieve your oral health concerns or dental problems.

New Life Teeth Dental Implant Clinic, Lisburn Road Belfast

Do you need to replace dentures but don’t have time?

Our Teeth in a Day option is the best solution for your dental concerns. The same day teeth procedure allows you to have dental implants and bridges fixed in just one visit. You can come into the clinic on Lisburn Road Belfast and leave with a new smile a few hours later.

Dental Implants Belfast - Fixed Teeth and Permanent Bridge Solution

If you need to have six or more teeth replaced, our fixed and permanent implant solution may be suitable for your case. This offers long-term stability, as more implants provide support for your teeth restoration.

The 'Teeth in Day' dental procedure is also known as 'same day teeth' or 'all on 4' and it is a cost-effective dental procedure that gives you a full mouth of beautiful, solid new teeth in one day. On the day of your dental appointment, you can walk in with removable false teeth or loose teeth and walk out at the end of the day with beautiful solid new teeth in the same day.

The next stage is to return after 3 months to have these fixed teeth replaced with a beautiful natural looking, unbreakable permanent set of teeth. You’ll find that you can finally eat and chew your favourite food properly again and smile with confidence (watch case study), without the worry of your teeth being on display. An increase in confidence can greatly impact your life in a positive way and you can enjoy day to day activities again and socialise with your friends.

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