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Linda's Story

Linda had the full arch dental implant treatment at New Life Teeth in Belfast.

Take the turning point in your life and transform your teeth

New Life Teeth bring world leading dental technology to your doorstep, as a Zirkonzahn® Group brand. With years of research behind it, we’ve introduced first-class dental implants to Belfast and Edinburgh, and throughout the UK & Ireland.

We’re the dental implant people, providing the highest quality of cosmetic dentistry, with a skilled, experienced team and dedicated theatre. No other clinic can match us on delivering an incredible lasting option for patients. No other material can compete on all levels.

full arch dental implants belfast

With over 100+ 5-star reviews in the last 12 months, our service is second to none. Make a positive change in your life, eat and smile again. Contact us to book a free consultation.

Tel No:  0131 564 1822 

Tel No:  0289 521 7533

A day in your life is no less important than a day in someone else’s!

Your unstable dentures or failing teeth are not acceptable, making you look and feel old. In modern times, dentures are perceived as poor, dirty, and unhygienic. Rightly or wrongly, there is a social stigma, implying you are uneducated, poor or unhealthy. People judge on appearance and bad teeth detrimentally affects your lifestyle, such as job prospects, relationships and self-confidence.

We offer a virtually painfree treatment with a lifetime warranty. We recommend the Teethforever® Bridge™, as it’s the ultimate fixed solution, made only on-site in our unique Teeth Forever® Lab by our knowledgeable Master Ceramists and Dental Technicians. It’s the longest lasting, most effective way to replace missing teeth, bar none, and we’re proud to offer it to our patients. We guarantee a 100% bite and chewing force.

I have always struggled with mismatched, discoloured teeth and wanted a positive change. I felt that I had held back for so long that it was time to finally do something about it. I always thought that I would have to travel to London or New York to have this type of treatment but, lo and behold, New Life Teeth have brought this amazing treatment to Belfast. I was impressed with customer service and my treatment plan throughout. All the staff on Lisburn Road are great and really friendly. I love my new teeth!

Linda Crush, Belfast


Arrange a consultation > or give our Edinburgh clinic a call on 0131 564 1822 or our Belfast clinic on 0289 521 7533