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Barbara's Story

One of our patients, Barbara, had the full arch dental implant procedure. Here is her story.


Full arch dental implants can permanently replace an entire arch of teeth - either upper or lower. The main procedure takes only one day.

At New Life Teeth we recommend the zirconia full arch implant bridge - the same one Stephen has- which is bio-compatible, looks like real teeth and lasts up to a lifetime. This solution delivers bright, natural-looking teeth.





Before coming to New Life Teeth in Edinburgh Barbara was suffering from bleeding gums and had a partial plate.

Barbara opted for the full arch dental implants as she didn’t want a plate and felt she was too young for dentures.

She met with Stuart and was delighted with her treatment from the very initial contact with us through to walking out the door with her new teeth.

The main benefits for Barbara are having real teeth again.

Barbara said “New Life Teeth are the best and I would advise anyone who has problems to visit Stuart and Rob at the clinic.

“This was a really good investment in both time and money. I am delighted.”


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