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World leaders in implants

World leader in implants

At New Life Teeth, we offer:

World leaders in implants

World leader in implants

At New Life Teeth, we offer:

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Free consultation

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Visualising your smile

We use the latest digital smile design technology and chairside iTero scanners to help you  to visualise your smile and bring it to life.


Treatment journey begins

The start of your treatment is just the start of your treatment journey with us. Rest assured that you are in safe and highly capable hands.

Commonly asked questions about dental implants in Belfast

Are dental implants right for me?

Dental implants are right for most people, however, because it involves a surgical process there are some exceptions. People with existing heart conditions or those who are clinically obese may not be eligible neither may those with conditions like uncontrolled diabetes or alcoholism.

In addition, individuals who have previously undergone cancer surgery in the head and neck area or are currently undergoing radiation may also not be eligible. 

There are also other conditions that will need to be treated first before going ahead with dental implant surgery including gum disease. If in doubt, feel free to speak to our clinicians first.

Do I need to replace a missing tooth?

In a word, no. However, when a tooth is missing it sets off a chain of events that can result in further tooth loss. Teeth begin to drift towards the gap, for example, and this makes them more difficult to clean and therefore more prone to attack from bacteria contained in tartar. 

At the same time, your bite will also change which means that more pressure is forced onto neighbouring teeth. Finally, bone tissue starts to reabsorb back into the body because it’s no longer required to support the tooth root at the missing tooth site. Over time, this will weaken the jaw causing other teeth to become loose.

A tooth implant can fill a gap in the smile so teeth no longer drift, restore full chewing ability, take the pressure off other teeth and stabilise the jaw by halting bone loss.

How long will my dental implants last?

Here at New Life Teeth, we fit the most durable, high-quality dental implants to our Belfast  patients. While the crown may need replacing after 10-15 years, there is no reason why the implant itself (the fixture secured into the jawbone) shouldn’t last indefinitely.

Why use zirconia crowns and bridges?

Zirconia is more durable and stain-resistant than both acrylic or ceramic restorations. It also has a natural translucency which better imitates the look of natural teeth.

I smoke so can I still get dental implants here in Belfast?

Just like our overall health, smoking has a detrimental effect on newly-placed implants. Bacteria found in nicotine, for example, is said to be damaging to gums but moreover, people who smoke are also thought to experience slower bone growth. 

Successful osseointegration (bone fusion) is a significant factor in the stability and longevity of a dental implant and for these reasons, patients who do smoke will be asked to stop for the duration of their treatment – This can take anything up to 9 months to complete. Quitting smoking for this period will give the implant time to properly stabilise.

World-class dental implant treatment from leading dental implant dentists

Here at New Life Teeth, we combine decades of expertise and state-of-the-art technology to bring you some of the most advanced and life-changing dental implants in Belfast.

Both of our implant centres are fully equipped to provide everything you need to enhance the beauty of your smile while strengthening your bite. We have on-site dental labs that enable us to produce some of the highest quality dental implants available anywhere – dental implants that can and do change lives.   

If you have one or more missing teeth, find out more about how our world-class dental implants in Belfast can make a difference to your smile.

Want to know more about dental implants and how can they help you?

Dental implants are considered the ‘gold standard’ of missing tooth replacement and result in a beautifully crafted restoration that restores both the functionality and aesthetics of an intact smile.

As masters of our craft, we have the skills and the experience to create an astonishingly lifelike restoration that blends in seamlessly with your remaining teeth.

The implant itself is a metal post that is anchored directly into the jawbone at the missing tooth site. Once in position, any remaining bone tissue fuses with it over time to create a super-strong platform which can then be topped with a restoration (typically a dental crown).

The main difference between dental implants and other forms of missing tooth replacements are that because tooth implants are anchored directly into the jaw, they become a permanent part of the mouth. For patients, it means that they can eat their favourite foods once again without restriction while rediscovering their previously hidden smile.

Dental implants at New Life Teeth

As one of only 16 Branemark Centres located around the world, we are leaders in the field of dental implants in Belfast.

We are dedicated to providing first-class treatment where the emphasis is on unparalleled patient care.

All our dental implants are designed using the latest titanium fixtures supported by zirconia crowns and bridges. Unlike acrylic or ceramic, they are unlikely to chip, break or stain easily. Our tooth implants look like real teeth and our implants are fully biocompatible – meaning that they won’t cause a reaction when placed in the mouth.

Your patient journey – What to expect


Free smile consultation

When you book your appointment, you’ll be warmly welcomed by our team for your free smile consultation. Here you will get to meet with our highly experienced clinicians who will walk you through your treatment and explain your options. We also take the time to answer any questions or concerns you might have, giving you the information you need to make a fully informed decision.

Also during your consultation, we will carry out a CT scan using the latest technology to determine bone density and bone width at the missing tooth site. This will determine whether you are immediately eligible for dental implant treatment or may need a bone graft.


Virtual planning

Once you are happy to proceed, the dental implants process here in Belfast is meticulously planned so that the actual surgery itself is both minimally invasive and quick. Virtual assimilation technology, for example, allows us to plan the surgery taking into account the exact trajectory and depth of each implant to avoid any nearby nerves or (if placed in the upper jaw) sinus cavities.


Dental implant surgery

Surgery is usually computer-guided and carried out under a local anaesthetic. It is minimally invasive and typically takes under an hour to complete. If necessary, we can also provide you with mild sedation to ease any anxiety. Patients should remain comfortable during the procedure and because keyhole techniques are used to insert the dental implant into the missing tooth site, it negates the need for stitches. As a result, any post-op recovery is very short.

Once complete, we will give you all the instructions you need to take care of your dental implants.

Computer-guided dental implants and how they work

Here at New Life Teeth, we place dental implants using a computer-guided technique.

Once a CT scan is taken, we will use it to create virtual assimilation of your mouth. We use this to virtually plan for your surgery, plotting the exact positioning of each dental implant. Once trajectory, depth and positioning have been agreed upon, this information is transferred onto a 3D printed guide.

During surgery, this guide fits perfectly over your teeth and will direct or ‘guide’ the implant into its optimal position. A small pilot hole is drilled through the gum and the dental implant is inserted directly into place. Doing so negates the need to cut the gum so surgery is quick and recovery is minimal.

Advantages include:

  • Less time spent chair-side

  • No surgical incisions necessary

  • No sutures

  • Improved implant accuracy (in comparison with the traditional implant technique) and

  • Faster post-op recovery.